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The magical Daisuke Takahashi

Dazzling, astounding, marvellous, charismatic and captivating are just a few words that can be used to describe japanese figure skater Daisuke Takahashi. 

Daisuke Takahashi

Mr. Takahashi will always be remembered as a great competitor that achieved so much for Japan but also as an artist. Just like many people still point John Curry (1976 olympic champion) as an artistic reference, Daisuke is a prime example of a very complete skater. 

The japanese master didn't simply exuded technical proficiency. He won the hearts of many people all around the globe, even of those who hardly ever attend figure skating events. 

Daisuke recently took the skating world by storm by announcing his comeback to competition four years after his retirement. This news lead to an enthusiastic response by the fans. 
The skating legend told the press that he felt the urge to return after watching last season's japanese nationals. For now it's known that Daisuke will be working with coach Utako Nagamitsu. His new competitive programs will be choreographed by Benoit Richaud and David Wilson.

Daisuke working with Benoit Richaud
(Source: Facebook; photographer: Olivier Braj)

Yes, there is still an open spot at the ISU GP NHK Trophy 2018 but we better keep our feet on the ground and take it easy. Daisuke said that his main goal for now is to skate at japanese nationals and to be able to reach the final group. In order to make it to the national championships, he will have to qualify first. Hopefully there will be vídeos of the qualifying rounds so that we can watch not just Daisuke but the other skaters too. He will most likely compete at the Kinki Regionals in October and at the Western Japan competition the following month. If everything goes according to plan then Daisuke will be able to compete in the national championships.

I will be one those that will eagerly count the days until October just to see Daisuke compete again. Meanwhile let's rewatch these amazing performances

1.º - The iconic "Swan Lake Hip Hop" at Four Continents 2008
Choreographer: Nikolai Morozov

2.º -"La Strada" at the 2010 World Championships
Choreographer: Pasquale Carmerlengo
He made history by becoming the 1st japanese world champion in the men's event

3.º - The hypnotizing "In the Garden of Souls"
Choreographer: David Wilson

4.º - Melting the ice with "Eye"
Choreographer: Kenji Miyamoto

Daisuke made history by becoming the 1st japanese skater to medal in the Olympics in the men's event.

5.º - Provoking goosebumps with "Blues for Klook"
Choreographer: Pasquale Carmerlengo 

Last but not least, touching our hearts with "Amélie"
Choreographer: Stephane Lambiel

As an extra here is the passionate "Primavera Porteña"
Choreographer: Kenji Miyamoto

Among his many accomplishments, Daisuke stills holds the title of "best hairstyles in figure skating history" :P

That's it for now and I hope you liked this post.
Arigato and see you soon!

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